Fox News Says Middle School Anti-Bullying Class Is 'Lesbian Role Play'

When Bard College students recently held anti-bullying workshops at a middle school on topics like gender identity and consent, instructors split boys and girls into two groups to practice "saying no" in a comfortable setting. Cut to: Fox News claiming that the girls' class promoted "lesbian role play" while boys… » 5/02/13 10:40am 5/02/13 10:40am

Collegiate Flesh: An Interview With The Bard Boob Blog Mastermind

Students at Bard College have started a blog called Boobs@Bard, which (you guessed it) hosts pictures of topless co-eds. Harvard now has their own spin-off. Is this a symptom of our hypersexual culture, or a brave step towards body acceptance? » 4/27/10 12:00pm 4/27/10 12:00pm