Holy Crap There Are So Many Hot Guys in the New Paula Patton Movie

In case the previously released trailer didn't emphasis enough exactly what you're in for should you purchase a ticket to see Paula Patton's new movie Baggage Claim, this recently released and aptly-titled "Men Montage" should do the trick. A quick recap: Trey Songz coated in nothing but bubbles, Boris Kodjoe taking… » 9/13/13 6:45pm 9/13/13 6:45pm

Paula Patton's New Rom-Com has Great Name That is Not a Bad Pun

For those of you who can't wait until Valentine's Day 2014 (only 280 days left!!!) to see Paula Patton in another romantic comedy, FEAR NOT because she's in a new one that's not a subpar remake of About Last Night. This movie comes out in October, she plays a flight attendant and it is called...Baggage Claim. » 5/10/13 6:40pm 5/10/13 6:40pm

Does The Average Woman Really Have 21 Handbags?

Earlier today, we posted about the average woman and the report that she owns 21 handbags. I thought that number was too low, Moe thought it too high. (I confess, I have a bag problem.) But this is really about averages, and the wacky math behind them. For instance, the Wall Street Journal reported recently that three… » 8/31/07 1:00pm 8/31/07 1:00pm