What It Takes to Be a (Female) Army Ranger

While the brass in Washington continue to bicker over the consequences of allowing vaginas into open combat roles, two women have quietly completed the second, creatively-titled “Mountain Phase” of Army Ranger School. A third female soldier will have the opportunity to start the course again, a process known as… »8/05/15 12:46pm8/05/15 12:46pm

Bill Gates Wants to Play, Get Badly Beaten by Girl Chess Genius

The adorable human nerdburger that is Bill Gates wants to play chess against Uganda's chess whiz-kid, 17-year-old Phiona Mutesi. Good luck, bro. We're not sure exactly how tough the game would be for Mutesi — seeing as she's already earned the title of Woman Candidate Master (WCM) at just 16 years old, and is well… »3/18/13 9:30pm3/18/13 9:30pm