Investment Banker Proves Dating Is Getting Ever More Crappy

"Lauren" met "Mike" one night at the New York Philharmonic. Little is known about the exact nature of their interaction during their one date — though Lauren described it as "HORRIFIC" — but afterwards, Mike sent Lauren a 1605-word email reproach-cum-Jeremiad-cum-plea for a second date. It's now making the rounds,… »12/07/11 4:35pm12/07/11 4:35pm

Um, Police? I'm Calling To Report An Incident Of Boringness No Amount Of Tequila Can Solve...

Sacramento, Calif. resident Sara White, 20, faked being kidnapped to get out of a blind date. From the looks of her (i.e. crazy) and the sound of her elaborate hoax (i.e. crazy) she seems like a person who ought to be scared to go on a blind internet date because she probably also sent a fake picture and the numbers… »8/01/07 1:45pm8/01/07 1:45pm