Watch a Baby Otter Play With a Tiny Basketball and Try Not to Explode

Here, the Shedd Aquarium's rescued baby otter is eating and drinking and playing and squeaking. She has a wind up toy lobster and a tiny otter-sized basketball. Her ball-handling skills are pretty crappy thus far. I would not consider playing Pup 681 as a point guard; maybe a power forward. » 11/13/14 4:50pm 11/13/14 4:50pm

Baby Otter Is Coerced Into Learning to Swim

This may not be particularly revelatory for you, but I had no idea that otters didn't just know how to swim, considering how slinky and unctuous there are in the water, what with their crafty, sardonic little eyes. I mean, they're just so smug about floating on their backs you'd think swimming was just one of those… » 5/27/12 2:00pm 5/27/12 2:00pm

Adorable Baby Otter Eats Shrimp Adorably, Squeaks Adorably

Cayucos, an orphaned baby sea otter living in Chicago and named after the California town where she was found, is being raised by biologists at The Shedd Aquarium. She loves to eat, and I swear to Gaia that at 1:48, Cayucos goes "om nom nom yum" while eating her food. Also: Whiskers! Gah. The Today show needs to let… » 1/26/12 7:50pm 1/26/12 7:50pm

Precious Pet Otter

Meet Sidney, a domesticated baby otter, whose cuteness is only marred by the poop on his owner's cream-colored carpet, and the Jon & Kate Plus 8 theme song in the background. [Buzzfeed] » 11/18/09 7:30pm 11/18/09 7:30pm