Just Because You Can Buy Your Child A $21K Jungle Gym Doesn't Mean You Should

CNN reports that New Yorker Stephanie Kaster threw her daughter a birthday party recently. The celebration was held at a fondue restaurant and Kaster hired a musical troupe to perform as the Wiggles. There was a four-layer cake and each guest took home a Fisher-Price guitar and a custom CD. The party's price tag?… »4/18/08 2:40pm4/18/08 2:40pm

Parenting Author, Childless Woman Weigh In On Baby Couture

Behold Baby Couture, the snotty new magazine with the slogan, "We put the 'coo' in couture." Poor, poor rich mommies! They've always wanted a publication they can call their own, that's filled with overpriced items perfect for pampering their spawn — and clearly not for mere commoners who shop at Babies R Us. Baby… »4/16/08 2:20pm4/16/08 2:20pm

Oprah Makes Oz A Star; Girl Gangs In Central America; Why Men Are Idiots

Ed Note: We hear about and see so many stories that we can't find the time to comment on that we're gonna try something new: "Leftovers", a daily "accounting" of the stuff we had to leave behind. Let us know if you like it, and, obviously, feel free to click through on the stories and flesh them out for everybody. »4/10/08 4:40pm4/10/08 4:40pm

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