These Pregnancy Photos Are So Awkward They'll Make Your Water Break

Pregnancy photos, like wedding photos, prom pictures and those awesome shots that you and friends took at the mall in high school can (and this is the operative word) be awesome*. But they can also be as awkward as wearing a leather vest in the sixth grade and thinking it looks awesome. That is to say, painfully,… »8/11/14 7:45pm8/11/14 7:45pm

NJ Woman and Family Live With Cardboard Cutout of Bradley Cooper

Danielle Davies is a huge fan of Bradley Cooper. Having known the actor once in school (they did a play together), she's decided to get the actor's attention by taking a carboard cutout of him everywhere: from the grocery store, to the mall, to a romantic rendezvous at an indoor carousel. (Probably also inside the… »6/30/14 7:40pm6/30/14 7:40pm

Watch Joan Rivers Cram 30 Years of Jokes Into One Awkward Interview

Joan Rivers made her triumphant return to The Tonight Show this week and it was...awkward. She showed up late, made offensive jokes about the holocaust, Bruce Jenner and "ethnic people" and wouldn't let Jimmy Fallon talk. Even when Fallon (who is the host, Joan. He's conducting this interview!) tried to steer the… »3/29/14 12:17pm3/29/14 12:17pm

Watch Spike Jonze Get Really Whiney in This Interview About Her

In the lead-up to the Oscars, director Spike Jonze has been doing a lot of interviews about his nominated film Her, which probably means that he keeps getting asked the same boring questions about what it means for a man to fall in love with technology over and over again. It's understandable that a person in his… »2/17/14 12:20pm2/17/14 12:20pm

Awkward BBC Interviewer Chris Stark Is a Living Christopher Guest Skit

Chris Stark, that BBC Radio 1 interogator who made the universe cringe when he awkwardly interviewed a remarkably gracious Mila Kunis, is up to his old tricks, this time interviewing Jennifer Aniston ahead of the UK release of We’re the Millers. Spoiler alert: this interview is just awkward. Jennifer Aniston… »8/18/13 12:00pm8/18/13 12:00pm

Judging Complex Magazine's List of Awkward Shit Women Do After Sex

Ever the philanthropist, the young men's lifestyle mag Complex is determined to put an end to post-coital awkwardness on both sides. Um, thanks, Complex! Last month they called guys out on the top 10 cringe-worthy things they do after sackin' a lady, and now they've come back with 20—20!—theoretically ick-inducing … »11/17/12 1:30pm11/17/12 1:30pm

Adorable Twin Babies Refuse to Recreate Their Viral Video for the Today Show, Sobbing Ensues

A couple of days ago, the International Squee community was rocked when a video of two twin girls gleefully acting in unison to their father's guitar quickly went viral. Now, mere days later, the parents and their adorable daughters were on The Today Show to talk about their sudden Internet stardom. What could go… »8/30/12 1:10pm8/30/12 1:10pm

Mitt Romney Is Running For America's Embarrassing Dad

In an attempt to add some more artfully wayward locks of hair to his polished pol image, former Massachusetts governor and current Iowa tourist Mitt Romney has taken making small talk with the locals he meets while on the campaign trail. Unfortunately, Romney must be used to having his undocumented lawn servants make… »12/28/11 11:25am12/28/11 11:25am

That Awkward Time When Kathy Griffin Met Piers Morgan

You know how Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper are, like, BFFs? Well, things weren't quite as friendly last night when she appeared on fellow CNN anchor Piers Morgan's show. Or maybe it was: while the pair bickered about silly things like ratings and Kathy's goal of getting Piers fired from his TV gig, Kathy was… »8/05/11 4:36pm8/05/11 4:36pm

Tonight Show Audience Cheers the Demise of Sarah Palin to Bristol's Face

Bristol Palin paid a visit to The Tonight Show this evening to plug her new memoir, but Jay Leno seemed more interested in talking about whether her mom plans to run for president. When Leno asked Bristol if there was any reason her mom shouldn't run, comedian Don Rickles exclaimed "'Cause she could lose!" The… »7/15/11 2:14am7/15/11 2:14am