Neil Patrick Harris's Autobiography Is A 'Choose Your Own Adventure'

There are several recent things in pop culture that have made me unspeakably happy—the addition of Cody to The Bachelorette, the Velveeta Cheese Facebook page (GOOGLE IT), every episode of Cutthroat Kitchen ever—but nothing could possibly make me happier than this news about Neil Patrick Harris's autobiography. »5/20/14 9:45pm5/20/14 9:45pm

Teens Make Up Different Stories About Themselves According to Gender

Teenagers come in two varieties: they are either tellers of colorful tall-tales about having, pssst, sex or doing other awesome things that will make people like them, or disarmingly honest truth-tellers who can't abide bullshit and therefore make all the college-age cousins super-uncomfortable at family get… »9/06/12 10:00am9/06/12 10:00am