Auto Industry Bailout Is Out And So Are Some Prominent Women For Obama

  • Democrats have officially told the American auto industry to give them a plan for how they are going to us the $25 billion they want from the U.S. government or they're never going to get it. So the auto makers are getting back on their multimillion dollar corporate jets and will spend the next few weeks huddling…
  • »11/20/08 6:30pm11/20/08 6:30pm


The Guns Have Been Readied For The Circular Firing Squads

  • The Republican Governor's Association meeting (supposedly starring Sarah Palin) kicked off today with a comedy routine from Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, who was once considered for the VP slot. Pawlenty said that the Republican Party "needs more than a comb-over" and that "Drill, baby, drill, by itself, is not an…
  • »11/12/08 6:30pm11/12/08 6:30pm