Next Top Model Judge Hospitalized after Twitter Bullying Leads to Suicide Attempt

Today in horrible, depressing news of how terrible people can be: Australia's Next Top Model judge, anti-bullying campaigner, television presenter, and former model Charlotte Dawson has been hospitalized in Sydney following an apparent suicide attempt that came after weeks of vicious bullying on Twitter. Speaking out… » 8/30/12 3:30pm 8/30/12 3:30pm

Just How, Exactly, Does One "Dress For Bono"?

  • The dress code at the Black Ball in New York tonight is "dress for Bono." [WWD, final item]
  • Designer Patricia Field on why she's keeping far away from the set of the Sex And The City movie: "If I was [there] I'd be telling the director what to do — I'd be finding something wrong with everything!" [Fashion Week Daily]
  • » 10/25/07 10:30am 10/25/07 10:30am