Serena Williams Wins Australian Open Just Like We Said She Would

As promised by me and delivered by tennis queen Serena Williams, the lid was in fact blown off the Australian Open. And that is because Williams - the world number one - won. Williams earned her 19th Grand Slam title early this morning by beating Russia's Maria Sharapova, (the world number two). This was the 16th time… »1/31/15 6:30pm1/31/15 6:30pm


Novak Djokovic Fan Is Tragically Robbed of Her Chance to Fondle His Shirt

So much for tennis fans being polite. Earlier today, Novak Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal in an epic match to win the Australian Open, which lasted nearly 6 hours—the longest Grand Slam singles final in history. He decided to celebrate by throwing one of his extra shirts up to a fan in the stands, but it didn't quite go… »1/29/12 8:45pm1/29/12 8:45pm

Girl Forced to Remove Bug from Tennis Court, World Squirms for Her

A ball girl was forced by an unchivalrous tennis player — who evidently doesn't know that bugs and children are sworn natural enemies — to remove a large cricket from the court yesterday at the Australian Open. The cameraman spares us a close-up of the surely disgusting creature, but he doesn't spare the girl any… »1/22/12 2:00pm1/22/12 2:00pm