Donald Trump Can Shove It

Having posted our occasional Hollywood casting-roundup yesterday evening (and it being the morning and all) our eyes glazed over when we spotted the word "Trump" in a headline in Daily Variety today. But thank god we took a closer look! It looks like Donald Trump was so inspired after saving onetime Miss USA Tara… » 6/13/07 11:42am 6/13/07 11:42am

How Alex Rodriguez (Kinda) Explains The World Of Men

As any sports fan knows, baseball is kinda like dating; that is, it's a game of heartbreak, strikeouts, and low averages. And as much as we'd love to have a laugh over this morning's NY Post story on how New York Yankee infielder Alex Rodriguez looks to have cheated on his wife — we like ragging on the Yankees, you… » 5/30/07 11:58am 5/30/07 11:58am

We're Betting Tom Brady's Unborn Daughters Will Have Healthy…

New England Patriots quarterback and serial modelizer Tom Brady has finally spoken out about fathering a child with former fiance Bridget Moynahan while also engaging in pregnancy-risking activities with model Gisele Bündchen:
» 5/29/07 12:27pm 5/29/07 12:27pm

Yeah Tom, you're right, in a sense: It affects no one but you. Except, you know, your…