Nephew of Disgraced State Senate Leader Arrested for Grabbing Reporter and Throwing Her Phone

The nephew of former New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos was arrested this afternoon after grabbing the wrist of New York Daily News reporter Victoria Bekiempis and tossing her phone into the street. Bekiempis was covering the criminal sentencing of the elder Skelos, who was convicted of federal…

Michelle Fields: Palm Beach State Attorney Didn't Tell Me They Weren't Prosecuting Corey Lewandowski

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will not be prosecuted for battery, according to a report from Politico, although Michelle Fields still has the option of pursuing a defamation case if she wishes. Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg is scheduled to make the announcement Thursday afternoon.

Trump Says Breitbart's Michelle Fields Grabbed ​Him, Suggests She’s Lying About Bruises

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump, a plentiful field of dung piled into the shape of a presidential candidate, defended his campaign manager, who is charged with assaulting a reporter. He did that by suddenly claiming the reporter tried to grab him, and then suggesting the bruises on her arms came…

15-Year-Old Rape Victim in India Seeks Medical Treatment, Is Raped Again at the Hospital 

On January 26, a teenage girl in Jamshedpur, India, was reportedly raped by a teenage boy in the Parsudih area of the city. Police arrested her assailant, and took the girl—reported in most places to be 15, and in a few as 13—to the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital for treatment. On Sunday night, police…

Danica Dillon Says She Was Choked, Spit On During 'Terrifying' Sexual Encounter with Josh Duggar

Danica Dillon, the adult film actress who sued Josh Duggar for assault and battery back in November, has provided more details of the violent attacks in an interview with Hustler magazine. Dillon claims Duggar initially paid her for sex in March of 2015, “after a late night at a strip club” in Pennsylvania.


Sobbing Daniel Holtzclaw Appears to Mouth 'How Could You Do This' at All-White Jury That Convicted Him

In the trial of serial rapist ex-cop Daniel Holtzclaw—a man who took an extraordinarily evil bet on America’s disenfranchisement of poor black women, to the point of regularly pulling them over and raping them on the street—some took note of the fact that he was facing an all-white jury and had an attorney who…