Our Advice? Your Husband Is A Piece Of Shit. Just Leave.

When I first started writing an "advice" column, I figured that people that wrote in to advice columns were really just writing in for someone to validate something they already knew. But after getting hundreds of variations on the same 3 questions from equally earnest people, I realized that people do think random… »10/29/07 4:00pm10/29/07 4:00pm

Dear Jezebel, My Daughter Grinds Her Cousins In Public And My Therapist Only Pretends To Care...

Jezebel is a whore from the Bible, though she was eaten by dogs in the end, which is why I'm always glad I'm not Jewish when I read advice columns, because otherwise I might have missed out on the New Testament teaching that it's basically okay to be a whore. In fact if you've ever pondered the question "Who would… »7/24/07 4:00pm7/24/07 4:00pm

Rape: It Makes Even Slutty Girls Feel Cheap, And Other Life Lessons

We have a love-hate relationship with syndicated advice columns. As much as we love other people's problems, we hate their solutions! Here, Jezebel neglects her own issues to tackle the most pressing and poignant of everyone else's. You'll be so inspired, you won't know how to repay her. (Hint: iPhone!) »6/27/07 5:17pm6/27/07 5:17pm

The thing…