New York Fashion Week by the Numbers: More Models Of Color Are Working

New York fashion week wrapped up its Spring-Summer 2013 season with a whopping 143 shows and live presentations — more shows and presentations than we've ever had to cover during the eight seasons we've been compiling these runway diversity reports. (Back in February of 2009, there were only 116 shows.) As NYFW has… »9/17/12 3:00pm9/17/12 3:00pm


Not Much Has Changed: The Faces In September Ladymags Are Overwhelmingly White

Nothing quite says "It's August" like sifting through the pounds and pounds of perfume-scented and white-washed pages from the September issues of the major women's magazines. Sure, Italian Vogue »8/26/08 4:30pm8/26/08 4:30pm came out with an "" issue in July, but even that success probably won't motivate the editors of American women's magazines…