Three-Timing Miner Offered Deal With Cheating Website

Chilean miner Yonni Barrios caused a stir when he asked both his wife and his mistress to meet him on the surface. Now it turns out he has a third girlfriend — and an endorsement offer from Success! » 10/18/10 9:36am 10/18/10 9:36am

How The Internet Helps Wives Cheat On Their Husbands

Today Good Morning America reported on the new trend of "real life desperate housewives" using sites like to carry on affairs. Nevermind the fact that 70% of the site's users are men. » 3/19/09 5:20pm 3/19/09 5:20pm

I Thee Dread

We've blogged about before, but last night some of us saw a commercial for the site that was thoroughly revolting. A man slips from his place in bed next to a snoring (equally) chubby woman while a voiceover says,"Most of us can recover from a one-night stand with the wrong woman… But not when it's… » 7/24/08 6:40pm 7/24/08 6:40pm