Another Teenage Girl Kills Herself After Onslaught of Internet Bullying

Yet another teenage girl killed herself after being sexually assaulted and aggressively cyber-bullied. Will Rehtaeh Parsons, a 17-year-old from Nova Scotia who died last Sunday after attempting suicide a few days earlier, go down in tragic history alongside Amanda Todd and Jessica Laney, two other teens who recently… »4/09/13 1:55pm4/09/13 1:55pm

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner... Or Nicolle Wallace Under A Bus

For a campaign that has whined about sexism in the media, it ends up being awfully ironic when you read how the dudely McCain advisers chose Palin because she would look good on magazine covers »10/29/08 10:00am10/29/08 10:00am or when the men in charge of the campaign try to pin Wardrobe-gate on the visible woman in the campaign. Luckily for us (and…

Ashley Todd: An Image Of Intolerance, Illness Or Both?

With the confession today that she made the whole thing up »10/24/08 4:00pm10/24/08 4:00pm, Ashley Todd joins the ranks of , and - if you believe the prosecutors and - Crystal Mangum as another disturbed woman willing to exploit race for some sort of personal gain. In this case, it seems likely that Todd intended her report of a being to play…