A Year After The Black Hair Controversy, Glamour Marches On

Last August, Ashley Baker, an editor from Glamour »11/06/08 12:30pm11/06/08 12:30pm magazine, visited a law firm to speak about the dos and don'ts of corporate fashion. While commenting on a slide show, a picture of a woman sporting an Afro popped up, and Baker called it a real no-no. She said the same thing about dreadlocks, and suddenly a storm of …


How Does A Black Woman Feel About The Glamour Controversy? I Asked Myself!

About a month ago, we wrote about an incident at a NYC law firm involving an editor from Glamour magazine, the "appropriateness" of certain African-American hairstyles, the word "political", and some angry, offended attorneys. Yesterday, the (now-former) editor, Ashley Baker, called Moe and gave as much of her side of… »10/09/07 2:30pm10/09/07 2:30pm

Dear Women's Magazine Editors: Please Stop It With The Rich, Matchy-Matchy, &%#!#!^% Merch Already

Glossed Over's vain and vitriolic blogger is taking her favorite target, Lucky, to task for its unyielding — and subsequently totally meaningless — use of the word "rich" to describe various items (sandals, bags, blouse) featured in the July issue. Does "rich" mean "expensive" she asks? "Shiny"? "High-quality?"… »6/19/07 12:13pm6/19/07 12:13pm

Vagina Monoblogs: Examining The Mystery Of Alyssa Shelasky's Breakup With The One Guy She Respected Enough Not To Bestow A Gay Nickname Upon

Alyssa Shelasky has just announced on her blog that she has inexplicably broken up with her boyfriend of a month and a half (and she's making a valiant effort not to equate it with the Virginia Tech tragedy!). In light of this surprising romantic development, and Alyssa's unsatisfying lack of explanation for it ("It… »4/17/07 3:21pm4/17/07 3:21pm