The UK's Most Offensive Ad Ever Features People Singing With Their Mouths Full

The most offensive UK advertising campaign of all time is a 2005 KFC ad that features emergency hotline workers singing with their mouths full of crispy chicken, according to the Advertising Standards Authority, which released new data this week detailing all of the complaints they've received since the 1950s. »5/31/12 10:50am5/31/12 10:50am


Advertising Standards Authority Says There's No Shame in 'Walk of Shame' Ad

There's no shame in the one night stand, says the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which ruled that a Harvey Nichols video advertisement depicting skimpily-dressed women blinking in the morning daylight as they slink by construction workers, eat street food, and stumble in heels "did not reinforceā€¦ »3/21/12 12:00pm3/21/12 12:00pm