Some People Are a Little Nervous About American Kids Drinking So Much Diet Soda

Soda is a bummer, you guys — science has told us so. Sugary beverages can lead to diabetes and being imprisoned forever in Michael Bloomberg's Panopticon. Even diet sodas can wreak gruesome, tooth-melting havoc on their imbibers, so it's a little distressing to the researchers behind a new diet soda survey that so… »8/15/12 11:55pm8/15/12 11:55pm

The Sorrows Of Young Werther's Originals: Or, Why Artifical Sweeteners Are Bad

Dear Leslie, Congrats on the publication of your essay In Defense Of Saccharin in the Black Warrior Review. You're a hell of a writer; I totally get what Harvard/Iowa/whatever dude you wrote this essay to get over saw in you. So it sorta kills me to say that you're wrong. It doesn't sound particularly counterintuitive… »5/28/08 4:30pm5/28/08 4:30pm