Aroma Therapy

Remember rapper Riskay's heartfelt song about her cheating boyfriend "Smell Yo Dick"? Well, she finally got around to making an official video for it. The role of the boyfriend is played by a Big Pun impersonator, and the role of the "stripper ho named Diamond" is played by a Paris Hilton type. (Click image to view… » 4/23/08 1:40pm 4/23/08 1:40pm

We Love The Smell Of Celebrity Baby In The Morning

The Washington Post reports that a jewelry, fashion, and fragrance designer with a background in human-rights law named Symine Salimpour has a new scent called Shiloh. She began developing the fragrance more than a year before Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt bestowed that name upon their daughter. Last year, Jolie filed… » 7/31/07 1:30pm 7/31/07 1:30pm