Model Arizona Muse on Pregnancy: "At First I Was Like, 'I'm Going To Be…

Arizona Muse maintains that there are "plenty" of models who juggle baby-birthing and having a job, but, when pressed by the Telegraph, admits that her pregnancy might have been a little different because she had a kid first and then made it big. "I think the others were established before they had children. I had a child … » 4/02/12 2:10pm 4/02/12 2:10pm

The Biggest Fashion Stories Of 2010

The fashion industry in 2010 was rocked by everything from untimely deaths to unlikely unionization efforts. Money, sexual harassment, suicide, and shocking resignations: here's what changed fashion this year. [NSFW] » 12/25/10 4:44pm 12/25/10 4:44pm

Target Reneges On Promise To End Anti-Gay Donations

  • After Target, which styles itself an LGBT-friendly employer, was caught giving thousands to rabidly anti-gay political candidates, it said it would stop. Well: Target has since given over $30,000 to anti-gay-rights candidates and causes. [The Awl]
  • » 12/22/10 12:15pm 12/22/10 12:15pm