Victoria Beckham's Designer Dreams In The Bargain Bin

  • Poor Posh. After the embarrassingly poor sales of her denim line and ensuing abandonment by retailers, we hear that her men's dVb line has been pushed back "until next year" by L.A. boutique Kitson. Plucky Posh is undaunted, having spoken of her desire to launch a couture line and show at New York's fashion week. dVb…
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This is how Zach Braff makes out: "Some men are kissing monsters!

This is how Zach Braff makes out: "Some men are kissing monsters! They do this" (she stuck out her tongue) "or they do this" (she stuck out her tongue and wiggled it around.) Says who? Arden Wohl. Do we have to forgive her now for occupying that space in our brains where geometry once was? Or do we disapprove of… »12/18/07 5:40pm12/18/07 5:40pm

Giorgio Armani Pulls A Valentino, Randomly Asserts His Non-Retirement

  • Oh great: Valentino finally breaks down and retires, and now we have to deal with the lady-doth-protest-too-muches of Giorgio Armani who, out of the blue, has made a big announcement that he is not retiring. Now we give him one year, tops. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Best. Fashion Week quote. EVER: "She don't want nothing to do…
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'Vogue': There Are Dumber Things To Read This Weekend, But At Least 'Baldo' Has A 10% Chance Of Being Funny

Sometimes magazines make promises they can't keep on their covers. The cover-touted "Once Burned, Twice Shy: One Woman's Tale of Tanning Abstinence" in next month's Vogue is not an example of this. What you see is what you get: this is the story of a single woman, Joan Juliet Buck, not claiming to represent any sort… »6/22/07 5:17pm6/22/07 5:17pm