Teaching Assistant Quits to Twerk, Makes Buckets and Buckets Of Money

If you're checking your email today wondering whether that master's degree was really worth it, I suggest that you don't read this rags to riches story about a woman who went from a career in education to a career as the number one twerker on vine. Because she's literally shaking her bon bons in dough. » 10/11/14 12:21pm 10/11/14 12:21pm

How to Look, Act, and Be Treated Like the Adult You Are

So you're a grown-ass adult who still looks like a teenager. If you're one of those women out there who doesn't care that "you'll love it when you're older" [Ed: But really, you will], you're not alone: We received an email from a baby-faced 26-year-old who said she was sick of getting categorized as a "young and… » 6/07/12 6:30pm 6/07/12 6:30pm

Conan Ends Up In The Hospital After Taking A Spill, Snoop Has A Thing…

Susan Boyle Has Come To Save Us From Our Shallowness!

The party line on "unlikely sensation" Susan Boyle is that we're all obsessed with appearances. But if that's true...why do we all love being wrong so much? » 4/16/09 3:00pm 4/16/09 3:00pm