Kanye West Debuts Second Collection for A.P.C. With Lengthy Speech

Kanye West debuted his second capsule collection over the weekend at A.P.C.'s headquarters in Paris. Presenting six different menswear looks, Kanye first gave a five minute monologue, with some confusing analogies, about how he wishes that people would see him as more than just the best rapper in the world. » 1/21/14 5:20pm 1/21/14 5:20pm

How to Make Your Own Dumb $120 Kanye West Tee for Almost Zero Dollars

If you're like me, chances are you rushed to A.P.C.'s online store as soon as you heard that the French fashion line had collaborated with Kanye West on a limited edition "HIP HOP T-SHIRT." The "HIP HOP T-SHIRT" is crew-necked, oversized, comes in white or black, has no design on it and costs only $120. Safe to say, I… » 7/17/13 5:30pm 7/17/13 5:30pm

Helen Mirren Is Pro-Sleeves, Possibly A Designer

  • A celeb designer we could actually get behind: Helen Mirren! If given a line for Marks & Spencer, she says she'd call it, "DWS: Dresses With Sleeves." [Telegraph]
  • Meanwhile, addressing the crucial shortage of celebrity fragrances, Patrick Dempsey launches "Unscripted," replete with "lavender top notes, fig mid…
  • » 12/10/08 12:30pm 12/10/08 12:30pm

"Kind" Blake Lively Sued By Disgruntled Tailor

  • Blake Lively's being sued by a Brooklyn tailor who did $500 worth of alterations on her Teen Choice Awards frock. While the Gossip Girl star was apparently "extremely kind" during the fitting, she's yet to pay up. Now Blake's people say the tailor screwed up the dress and they're only willing to pay half. Sounds…
  • » 10/23/08 11:30am 10/23/08 11:30am