The NYT Review of Woody Allen's New Movie Is Deliciously Scathing

There's a reason why New York Times film critic A.O. Scott made Jezebel's Hot 100. His criticism is consistently insightful, humorous and justifiably biting (like when he reviewed Adam Sandler's latest comedy with a succinct "It will make your children stupid"). The latest target for his ire: Woody Allen's Magic in… »7/26/14 3:45pm7/26/14 3:45pm

Kit Kittredge: American Girl Or Capitalist Pawn? Is There A Difference?

It's hard out there for a living, breathing American girl. It's a morass of mixed messages, A.O. Scott points out in a Times think piece about Kit Kittredge, the Abigail Breslin-helmed American Girl doll-based movie coming out this week. "Who are you supposed to be, or to avoid becoming? A nerd? A ditz? A flirt? A… »6/30/08 3:30pm6/30/08 3:30pm