Justin Bieber Tells Horrible Racist Jokes on Camera

Justice Beaver (of the crime-fighting beavers) is going to be in a lot of hot water today, because The Sun has just posted a video of the pop star making an offensive slur-laden joke. Fun! » 6/01/14 11:30am 6/01/14 11:30am

Antoine Dodson, Openly Gay Internet Star, Says He’s No Longer Gay

Internet folk hero Antoine Dodson, most recently seen slow jamming and pissing off his legions of fans by supporting Chik-fil-A, has apparently renounced his homosexuality for religious reasons. Do you hear that? No, it’s not the sound of a rapist crashing through a bedroom window in the Lincoln Park Projects — it’s… » 5/03/13 11:00am 5/03/13 11:00am

She's Baaack: 'Call Me Maybe' as Performed by Every Person on YouTube

Here's a version of Call Me Maybe, a song conceived in hell and born in strife, performed by every viral video sensation since the beginning of time. Well, kind of performed. It's almost unlistenable and unwatchable but around 2:16 there's a dose of Antoine Dodson that brought back every wonderful and sweet emotion… » 10/05/12 10:00am 10/05/12 10:00am

Antoine Dodson Makes His Highly Anticipated Slow Jam Debut

Remember Antoine Dodson, he of the "Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife" viral video fame? Well, he's back, with a very serious slow jam called "Lovesick Lullaby," and a low-budget music video featuring someone named Brent Morgan. The whole thing feels very...Ginuwine, but YouTube commenters (internationally-recognized… » 2/04/12 5:20pm 2/04/12 5:20pm

The Antoine Dodson Commemorative Pumpkin, Everyone

It had to be done, right? Looks like the designer of this skillfully designed Dodson gourd was wise enough to keep it safe from porch intruders. » 10/31/10 4:45pm 10/31/10 4:45pm

Antoine Dodson Pitches A Sex-Offender Tracking App

Antoine Dodson has said he wants to use his viral video fame to help other survivors of sexual abuse, which explains why he wrapped that bandanna back around his head to pitch a mobile app mapping sex offenders. » 10/25/10 2:05pm 10/25/10 2:05pm

Antoine Dogson: Hide Your Shoes, Hide Your Homework

Somebody Antoine Dodson-ized their dog and turned him (or her?) into Antoine Dogson, the ultimate canine defender of women's virtue. Given what we know about dogs, though, it's likely that Dogson is a "bed intruder." But a welcome one, right? » 10/24/10 6:20pm 10/24/10 6:20pm

Antoine Dodson Debuts "Bed Intruder" Halloween Costume

Antoine Dodson is continuing to own his viral-video fame by selling a "Bed Intruder" costume. In this video, Antoine declares "trick or treat" is out; when neighbors answer the door, "You say, 'Hide yo' kids and hide yo' wife!'" » 10/18/10 10:55am 10/18/10 10:55am

Antoine Dodson Performs "Bed Intruder" At BET Hip-Hop Awards

Paging cultural theorists: A distressed interview a culturally-disenfranchised man gave about his sister's attempted rape became a hit song, and last night we saw him "perform" it at a glittering awards show. » 10/13/10 11:06am 10/13/10 11:06am

Christine O'Donnell Compares Opponent To "Bed Intruder" Rapist

Christine O'Donnell decided she wasn't enough of a meme with her own pronouncements, and borrowed one from a few months ago. Her new ad repurposes Antoine Dodson's words about his sister's attempted rape to discuss taxes and cell phone charges. » 10/12/10 5:55pm 10/12/10 5:55pm

How A Viral Video Star's Rant Got Him A New Home

There were plenty of reasons to be concerned about the nature of Antoine Dodson's sudden, viral-video-starring fame after the attempted rape of his sister. But now, thanks to their own determination and appeal, there are some reasons to be optimistic. » 8/20/10 10:06am 8/20/10 10:06am

Accidental Viral-Video Star Antoine Dodson Starts His Own Website

Antoine Dodson, whose televised rage at his sister's attempted rapist made him an overnight star has wisely set up a YouTube channel and a website — where at least he can profit off his own persona. Ringtone negotiations are in progress. » 8/04/10 6:12pm 8/04/10 6:12pm

New Viral Video Hero Comes With Complications

When WAFF of Huntsville, Alabama arrived at the home of Kelly Dodson last week, their intention was to interview her about her experience with an attempted rapist. Instead, they ended up making a viral star out of her brother, Antoine. » 8/01/10 4:30pm 8/01/10 4:30pm