Ellen & Portia: So Happy, So Gay, So Getting Married

  • Ellen DeGeneres is so psyched about the California Supreme Court ruling regarding gay marriage that she's gonna get hitched to longtime love Portia de Rossi. Woohoo! It would be kind of awesome if they did it on TV. And then danced! [TMZ]
  • Pregnant Angelina Jolie will be looking "sexy" on the July cover of Vanity Fair;…
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John Mayer Dumps Jessica Simpson For Same Reason He Started Dating Her

  • In the time we took to launder our whites and get over a hangover, singer John Mayer broke up with singer Jessica Simpson. Allegedly over her slutty clothes. Then John went to a party, hit on an Asian model, briefly considered doing her, thought better of it (debatable!) and went home alone. [Rush & Molloy]
  • Whenever…
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