The Country's Columnists Spill Inspiring Ink On Historic Victory

Many of us are so thrilled to the bone with the Obama win that it's difficult for us to verbalize our feelings in a way that adequately reflects our joy. Luckily, the op-ed columnists of our nation's biggest newspapers and magazines have done just that. From Newsweek's »11/05/08 10:30am11/05/08 10:30am Anna Quindlen to the Michael Eric Dyson to the …

Discussions Of Sarah Palin's "Feminism" Are (Mostly) Split Down Partisan Lines

Feministing has a message »9/08/08 4:00pm9/08/08 4:00pm for the mainstream media: Sarah Palin is NOT a feminist. This is in response to stories by , Townhall.com, the , NPR, and the , all of which had the words "Sarah Palin" and "feminism" or "liberated woman" in the headline. While some news outlets are painting the proposed veep as a feminist,…

Formidable Females Weigh In On Hillary, Women In New Newsweek

Talk about "thirty ways of looking at Hillary": There is slew of female-penned articles in the new Newsweek about Hillary Clinton, gender, what the Democratic presidential candidate means to post-menopausal women, 20-somethings, "tae kwon do moms", pre-teen meth abusers... even that elusive centaur demographic.… »3/10/08 2:00pm3/10/08 2:00pm

How Much Time Should Women Spend In Prison For Having Abortions?

There's one Anna in publishing that we admire, and her name is Quindlen, not Wintour. The former NY Times Op-Ed columnist and current Newsweek contributor has a fascinating story in the latest issue of the newsweekly about a video created by the peace-and-justice activist group AtCenterNetwork, in which anti-abortion… »7/31/07 2:18pm7/31/07 2:18pm