The Church of England May Allow Female Two Years

In the great race towards the 21st century, the Church of England’s time machine may be several decades ahead of the time machines of the other big Christian institutions (I imagine them to be racing Mario Kart style, but of course everyone’s free to make use of their own whimsy). On Friday, the Church of England… »5/26/13 6:00pm5/26/13 6:00pm


British Anglicans Give Their Blessing To Female Bishops

Despite haranguing from angry traditionalists who believe that women should be kept out of the upper levels of Anglican hierarchy, the governing body of the British Anglican church voted to approve women as bishops last night. According to the New York Times, the traditionalists are so incensed at the rise of women -… »7/08/08 10:30am7/08/08 10:30am