'Marlise's Law' Would Give Pregnant People End-of-Life Decision Rights

It's been a little more than a year since the family of Marlise Munoz was allowed to take her off life support. The Azle, Texas woman was kept artificially alive against her family's wishes for two months while clinically brain-dead because she was pregnant. Now her family is supporting a new bill that would give… »3/12/15 4:30pm3/12/15 4:30pm


The Taco or Beer Challenge Raised Nearly $30,000 to Fund Abortions

This past August was a dark time. The Ice Bucket Challenge was inescapable, our Facebook feeds and Twitter streams clogged with people loudly dumping cold water over their heads to raise money for ALS. The cause was good, but the execution was... a little tiresome, after the 10,000th video. But we're pretty big fans… »11/11/14 3:10pm11/11/14 3:10pm

Here's How Hard It Is To Get A Pap Smear In Texas Without Planned Parenthood

Andrea Grimes, a Texas-based reporter at RH Reality Check who also contributes to The Frisky, investigated the claim that under the state-funded Women's Health Program, women would have access to equal or superior health care—sans Planned Parenthood. Guess what: it's not true! I know, you're astounded. »9/08/12 4:00pm9/08/12 4:00pm