This Weekend I Weathered A Fashion Hurricane For Rosa, Patricia & Reese

Saturday, as I headed to the Tent at Bryant Park for the Rosa Cha (Brazilian swimwear) show, kept looking up at the sky. Hurricane Hanna was due in New York — Fashion Week be damned! — and I was worried that my pink open-toed sandals were a bad idea. It was fairly sunny when I left my apartment, overcast when I got to… » 9/08/08 2:00pm 9/08/08 2:00pm

Patricia Field For Payless: Shoes, Booze & Drag Queens

When you think about it, the pairing of Patricia Field and Payless Shoes makes perfect sense. The stylist for Sex And The City was once known for her crazy, colorful eponymous downtown store where clubkids and drag queens could shop for the kind of mesh/pleather/day-glo ensembles not found at Banana Republic. It was a… » 5/29/08 2:00pm 5/29/08 2:00pm

Atoosa Rubenstein's Foolish Fashion Alpha Kitties

For the past year, former Seventeen editor in chief Atoosa Rubenstein has been developing some sort of market research company that looks into the minds of teenage girls in order to sell the resulting demographics to other companies. The 'Toos has been doing this via a project she calls "Alpha Kitty," a series of… » 11/30/07 2:20pm 11/30/07 2:20pm

What's The Message Behind A Black Man In Heels On The Cover Of Vogue?

The New York Times interviewed our favorite muse, André J., for the Sunday Styles section, and we've learned all kinds of interesting things about André! André was born in Newark, N.J, does not consider himself a cross dresser ("I'm just expressing myself and not hurting anyone and taking myself to a place where I… » 11/26/07 1:00pm 11/26/07 1:00pm

French Vogue: Now With More Bearded Drag Queens

French Vogue is better than American Vogue in so many ways, but never has it been more obvious: U.S. Vogue needs more bearded drag queens! For instance, André J. He's a muse who used to work at the Patricia Field store and graced New York Magazine's look book. And now he's posing with Carolyn Murphy on the cover of an… » 11/19/07 6:30pm 11/19/07 6:30pm