'Anchorwoman' Insiders Bemoan The Predictable Sexist Demise Of Their Actually Good Reality Show

Last Wednesday Fox premiered a much-hyped new reality series, Anchorwoman, to reviews so savage — and ratings so mediocre — it was essentially killed before the first episode even finished airing. The premise — a blonde WWE pinup named Lauren Jones tries to make it as a small-town hard news anchor as a colossally… »8/29/07 5:20pm8/29/07 5:20pm

'Anchorwoman': The Legend of Annalisa Petralia

Fox's new reality series, Anchorwoman debuted last night. It follows Lauren Jones, a former Miss New York who has given up her life in L.A. as a bikini model and WWE Diva for a career in broadcast journalism at a Fox news station in a small town in Texas. We thought the whole thing would be lame, like, "Oh, let's put… »8/23/07 3:30pm8/23/07 3:30pm