Vogue's Anna Wintour: A Big Hat Covers A Multitude Of Sins

When we were little, we played with dolls. Nowadays, it seems, kids have foregone the real thing for virtual dolls. One of the most popular sites for doing this is Stardoll, where visitors are given their choice of tons of celebrity faces put on virtual bodies stripped down to their skivvies and ready to be dressed.… » 12/06/07 1:00pm 12/06/07 1:00pm

Oh No! Teen Vogue Starvation-Positive Message Boards Down Day Before…

Earlier today, we noticed the anorex-positive Teen Vogue message boards were mysteriously disabled, so Jessica called up the company to see what the problem was. "Technical difficulties," she was told, and commenters, praise Christ, have commenced weighing in — see what we did there?? — on such questions as "Are My… » 11/21/07 1:00pm 11/21/07 1:00pm