Dylan Klebold's Mother "Haunted By Horror And Anguish" Her Son Caused

In an essay written about her son Dylan and his role in the Columbine massacre that will appear in next month's Oprah magazine, Susan Klebold admits that she had "no inkling of the battle Dylan was waging in his mind." » 10/10/09 6:30pm 10/10/09 6:30pm

When Everybody Loses

When an 18-year-old man with severe mental disabilities was convicted of performing sex acts on a six-year-old neighbor, a Texas jury sentenced him to 100 years in prison. "He couldn't understand the seriousness of what he did," says his father. » 7/08/09 7:20pm 7/08/09 7:20pm

Michael Jackson: A Life In Pictures

Michael Jackson: 1958-2009. A gallery of images - just a drop in the bucket of the inspiring, colorful, and ultimately tragic life he lived...and the lives of some of his fans - after the jump. » 6/25/09 8:00pm 6/25/09 8:00pm