School Lunches Are About to Be A Lot Less Pink and Slimy

If this giant pink meat snake does not look appetizing to you, you're not alone. The "meat product," which called pink slime and is made from scrap beef that's ground up and bleached with ammonium hydroxide, has long been a common ingredient in the ground beef used for school lunches. But thank goodness that is about… » 3/16/12 10:00am 3/16/12 10:00am

Your Big Mac Just Got a Little Bit Less Disgusting

Fans of Mickey D's rejoice, they've suspended their practice of using pink slime in your burgers. Oh, sorry, you didn't know that your "100% pure beef patty" was loaded with the pink gooey mess you see above? Yeah, well, it was. The pink slime is technically meat, because it begins life as a pile of beef scraps, or… » 2/01/12 9:00pm 2/01/12 9:00pm