LOLVogue: Sumwon Elss Kleanz Up (Plus Contest!)

The September issue of Vogue » 8/14/08 3:40pm 8/14/08 3:40pm has a "2-For-1 Special" photo spread, shot in a supermarket by Steven Meisel and starring Amber Valetta and Kirsty Hume. The story is supposedly about dual-toned sheaths, but just like everything else this fall, it's about ! The retro housewife aesthetic. (Remember when Betty slapped the…

At Costume Institute Gala, The Good Superheroes Took A Fashion Flight Of Fancy

Okay let's cut to the chase: Last night. Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala. Theme was "Superheroes." Everyone and their brother was there. I've broken the photos down into Good, Bad, and Ugly for your viewing pleasure. The Good — including Victoria Beckham, Christina Ricci, Diane Kruger, Iman, Mischa… » 5/06/08 10:30am 5/06/08 10:30am

Past Tense Perfect: Floating Through History With Dior Couture

Is there anyone whose love of women matches that of John Galliano channeling Christian Dior? [Um, Jack Nicholson? -Ed.] Galliano's Fall 2007 couture collection for the House of Dior's 60th anniversary — shown in Paris yesterday — was one long and winding love letter to the female form and the way it has been encased,… » 7/03/07 12:27pm 7/03/07 12:27pm