Hillary And Sarah: The "Bitch" And The "Ditz" Of American Politics

In this week's New York Magazine »11/17/08 12:00pm11/17/08 12:00pm, Amanda Fortini is concerned that the candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin rather than propelled them forward, because Clinton and Palin reinforce specific gender stereotypes. "In the grand Passion play that was this election, both Clinton and Palin came to represent—and, at…

Did It Really Take "Iron My Shirt" To Teach Women That Severe Sexism Exists?

"Iron my shirt"; Citizens United Not Timid; steel-thighed nutcrackers... according to two feature articles this week, all that misogyny may be creating a new "wave" of the women's movement. Not only does Salon's Rebecca Traister suggest that the current election cycle may very well "give birth to a new generation of… »4/15/08 1:30pm4/15/08 1:30pm