Disgraced Glamour dating blogger Mike Cherico is back in the news.

Disgraced Glamour dating blogger Mike Cherico is back in the news. He is looking for an agent to sell a book "about the rise and fall of a dating blogger." Because, not to rile up the simile pedantocracy, but being a shithead to girls and writing about it on the internet really is sort of like the Third Reich of our… »3/31/08 1:40pm3/31/08 1:40pm


Meet Mike, 'Glamour''s New Alyssa. Please Find Us A New Word For 'Douchebag'?

Meet Glamour's new Alyssa Shelasky. (He used to bone Alyssa Shelasky!) Mike Cherico — aka 'Edgy English Teacher' — has not only taken over blogging responsibilities for Alyssa but he is soooo bummed right now because he watched The Break-Up last night just after — what is it summer or something? — enduring a break-up »7/10/07 1:45pm7/10/07 1:45pm

'Glamour' Dating Columnist Contender Adam Stein Actually Kind Of A Saint

Glamour has been holding a contest to replace its dating columnist "Jake" since roughly the last presidential election, and while you may no longer actually vote in the contest itself you can vote in a sort of side-wager as to who was voted the New Jake (winner announced in July!) a game we found ourselves playing… »6/18/07 5:40pm6/18/07 5:40pm

Dear 'Glamour' Blogger Alyssa Shelasky: You Could Stand To Learn A Thing Or Two About The 'Edgy' English Language...

Conventional wisdom holds that men's magazines are better than women's magazines. That would be correct. Below, our manly men's magazine writer Tim Wolfian offers 'Glamour' dating blogger Alyssa Shelasky some gentle advice on love, literacy, Sexy Euro and Edgy English Teacher... »6/04/07 3:45pm6/04/07 3:45pm

Alyssa, Do you enjoy blogging? I…

'Glamour' Editors To Vapid Starfucking Dating Blogger Alyssa Shelasky: One Of These Days Some Dude Is Going To Call Your Starfucking Ass Out On How Vapid It Is... Oh Fuck It Already

We're not sure what's wrong with Alyssa Shelasky's love life since she stopped actually writing about it, but the editors of Glamour sure seem to have some ideas! Last week, Glamour enlisted Alyssa to present the three leading guy candidates to replace longtime dating columnist "Jake" to present them with a challenge… »5/14/07 2:41pm5/14/07 2:41pm

Vagina Monoblogs: Examining The Mystery Of Alyssa Shelasky's Breakup With The One Guy She Respected Enough Not To Bestow A Gay Nickname Upon

Alyssa Shelasky has just announced on her blog that she has inexplicably broken up with her boyfriend of a month and a half (and she's making a valiant effort not to equate it with the Virginia Tech tragedy!). In light of this surprising romantic development, and Alyssa's unsatisfying lack of explanation for it ("It… »4/17/07 3:21pm4/17/07 3:21pm

Vagina Monoblogs: Mel B (Not The Spice Girl!) Abdicates Post, Alyssa Shelasky Remains Inimitably Alyssacentric

Melanie Boyer is mysteriously leaving after two years as the dating blogger for Washington City Paper, which made us vaguely sad, since even though she never writes anything obnoxious/unself-aware enough for us to feel compelled to blog about, we actually just sort of enjoyed reading it for pleasure. Until we asked… »4/10/07 8:45pm4/10/07 8:45pm

Vagina Monoblogs: Alyssa Shelasky Reveals That Glamour Dating Blog Is Part Of A Larger, Malevolent Plan

When retired US scribe Alyssa Shelasky took a gig blogging about dating for the Glamour website last summer, we sort of thought we understood what everyone was getting at: Conde Nast needed to beef up the "content" on its magazines' websites so as to continue deluding themselves that women's magazines remain relevant… »4/05/07 3:22pm4/05/07 3:22pm

Vagina Monoblogs: Alyssa Shelasky Not Only A Bad Writer, She Also Has Bad Taste In Writing!

  • Alyssa Shelasky, to whom we will heretofore refer as Real Estate Mogul Alyssa Shelasky since she is no longer really a dating blogger since she does not actually ever blog about dating, excerpts this new book by the frigtards behind Collegehumor and she quotes her favorite lines:
    People will generally be happy with…
  • »3/29/07 11:05am3/29/07 11:05am

The Shelaskster Comes Clean About Dumping "Good Egg", Complete Obliviousness To Music

So dating blogger Alyssa Shelasky — catch up on how she dangled those participles all the way into our hearts here — finally comes clean about why shitty she dumped the product abusing jam band listening "honest" "innocent," "loving" banker she once called "The One" the Observer. (Pictured above, drowning his sorrows… »3/07/07 11:37am3/07/07 11:37am