Pill Review: Too Much Crapping Is Not A Weight Watcher's Alli...

The news that Janet Jackson will be penning a diet book reminded me I wanted to tell you a story, readers, and I hope you've caught lunch already because it's a story about Alli. Perhaps you recall: I purchased some meaning to review the experience for you, and over the weekend I consumed a few in an experience that… »10/16/07 4:00pm10/16/07 4:00pm

It's A Jellyfish. It's A Breast Implant. It's A Diet Pill

Forget Lipodissolve and stomach-bypass surgery. The next trend in weight loss could be a diet pill that looks a lot like a saline breast implant! Italian scientists are currently working on a orally-administered pill that, when ingested, plumps up to a gelatinous sphere the size of a tennis ball, reports Wired. The… »6/08/07 10:48am6/08/07 10:48am

Marketers Of Weight-Loss Drug Really Like Them Some 'Round Table'

The start of summer is still two weeks away, but it's just 9 days until the new weight-loss drug Alli hits pharmacists' shelves! And as writer Gillian Reagan reports in today's New York Observer, Alli's manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, seems to have a soft spot for... pizza. (Who doesn't?) Not only are company's… »6/06/07 10:25am6/06/07 10:25am