Anna Wintour: Empress Of The Ugly At Costume Institute Gala

One more time! (Promise.) Met. Costume. Institute. Gala. Superheroes. Sponsored by Vogue and Armani. Hosted by Julia Roberts and George Clooney. You've seen the Good. You've seen the Bad. [This is reminding me of a certain early '80s sitcom theme song. -Ed.] Now we've got the Ugly, namely, a god-awful Anna Wintour,… »5/06/08 1:40pm5/06/08 1:40pm

Rag Trade: Allegra Versace 'Not' In Rehab; Mom Donatella Still In Denial

  • Although Donatella Versace and Paul Beck admit that their daughter Allegra suffers from anorexia, the two are ready to sue over reports that the 20-year-old has been hospitalized for treatment of the eating disorder, saying that "remarks...in certain publications in relation to Allegra's state of health do not in any…
  • »3/29/07 11:23am3/29/07 11:23am