Alisa Valdes Was Abused at the Hands of The Man She Swoons Over in The Feminist and The Cowboy

Just last week, Alisa Valdes' memoir The Feminist and the Cowboy hit bookshelves (and three weeks ago we addressed the anti-feminist nature of the book, a sad departure for Valdes author of The Dirty Girls' Social Club). Today, Valdes has basically disavowed the thesis statement of the entire memoir in a blog post… »1/12/13 12:30pm1/12/13 12:30pm


Author of Dirty Girls Social Club Freed From Big Bad Feminism By Her "Sexy Cowboy"

There's no story recycled by mainstream rom-coms and commercial literature more frequently than that of the uppity, cerebral woman being put in her place (and happily!) by a dude who can't spell. Case in point: The Ugly Truth was on about three times in a row last night! Thank you, but I would rather drink battery… »12/23/12 6:00pm12/23/12 6:00pm