Alexis Cohen: From American Idol To A Times Square Sidewalk

Fox TV is both evil and awesome in that it gives us what we know we shouldn't want, definitely don't need, but can't take our eyes away from. Last night, the network's NYC affiliate ran a segment on Alexis Cohen, the glitter-painted, American Idol reject who gained a lot of attention after she went on a rant against… »1/17/08 1:00pm1/17/08 1:00pm

American Idol Delivers Crazies Other Than Paula Abdul

While the actual competition and voting aspect of American Idol isn't really our steez, we can't help but love the auditions in the beginning. It's so representative of the freak show that is the American Dream — the quest for (often) talentless fame. Case in point: Alexis Cohen. The Pennsylvania native, who likens… »1/16/08 12:30pm1/16/08 12:30pm