An Interesting Night At The Celebrity Ball

Vicariously, anyway! The Tribeca Ball 2011 At The New York Academy of Art was just what it sounds like: a little elegant, a bit bohemian, a lot fascinating. » 4/05/11 10:42am 4/05/11 10:42am

Naomi Watts goes 70s-romantic. She looks ready to cut an album in Topanga. Rachel Roy shows how to do drama with color while keeping shapes basic. Cynthia…

Ubiquitous Bono Models For Vuitton With Wife Ali Hewson

Jersey Shore Stars Aim High; Vera Wang Designing Chelsea's Wedding Gown

The Dress Code Was Confusing At The Tribeca Ball

I'd always associated the word "ball" with, y'know, gowns. But what do I know? At the 2010 Tribeca Ball, held at the NY Academy of Art, Parker Posey and Jennifer Connolly and everybody else looked, instead, ready for rooftop cocktails. » 4/14/10 10:30am 4/14/10 10:30am

Cool Avant Chanel: Fashionistas Fete Vanessa Paradis

Don't hate Vanessa Paradis because she's beautiful. And partners with Johnny Depp. And Chanel threw her a dinner last night for Rouge COCO at NYC's Mark Hotel with every major tastemaker. But you're allowed to hate her weird patchwork dress! » 2/10/10 10:30am 2/10/10 10:30am

John Travolta To Testify Today; Jaclyn Smith Is Alive & Well

Fashion's Night Out Was Out Of Control!

Last night marked Fashion's contribution to the global economy, and in New York, the Dior Boutique's fete was among the slickest. Charlize Theron! Anna Wintour! Iman! Alexander Richards! All stimulating the economy, people! » 9/11/09 10:30am 9/11/09 10:30am

Madonna's Visit To Disaster Victims Brought To You By Dior!

The Case Of Aretha's Pillbox, And All Other Things Sarto-Inaugural