Two Kidnapped Girls Found Safe After Their Mother and Sister Were…

Tonight there is finally a bit of good news and a resolution to the manhunt that followed a tragic murder and kidnapping in Tennessee. It began on April 27th, when a woman named JoAnn Bain and her three daughters were reported missing by JoAnn's husband and the stepfather of the girls. On May 5th, the bodies of JoAnn… » 5/10/12 9:20pm 5/10/12 9:20pm

Hillary Clinton Might Not Want Barack When Ted's On The Other Line

  • Hillary Clinton has not agreed to be Obama's Secretary of State even if she is officially offered it. [Politico]
  • She has, however, been asked to head Ted Kennedy's health reform task force next year. [The Hill]
  • Mr. Jowls will remain the Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security. Jane Hamsher and others say, in so…
  • » 11/18/08 6:40pm 11/18/08 6:40pm