See Why This Azealia Banks Magazine Cover Is Banned In Seven Countries

Azealia Banks' cover of Dazed & Confused has dropped. As you can see, it features a shot of the rapper with an inflated pink condom between her lips, held like a cigar. (The cover line is "Azealia Banks Blows Up.") The combination of prophylactic and oral fixation has been enough to get the magazine banned in seven… »8/15/12 1:40pm8/15/12 1:40pm


'Too Fat' Top Model Winner Triumphs In $85,000 Agency Lawsuit

Dutch model Ananda Marchildon has won her lawsuit against her former agency, Elite. Marchildon, who won Holland's Next Top Model and a €75,000 contract with Elite, was dropped by the agency after only having earned €10,000 in two years of working, and sued for the remaining value of her contract. Elite will now have… »3/07/12 1:40pm3/07/12 1:40pm

Alexander Wang's Garment Workers Sue for $50M Alleging Mistreatment

Critical darling Alexander Wang has been hit with a $50 million lawsuit by garment workers at his Manhattan studio who say that they had to work 16-hour shifts without breaks or legally mandated overtime pay. Alexander Wang apparently saw revenues of over $25 million last year. The allegations are pretty serious: »3/06/12 2:10pm3/06/12 2:10pm