Marc Jacobs: Starting His Show Two Hours Earlier Next Year*

  • You may not recall this inconsequential blip on the screen of recent fashion history, but chronically-late designer Marc Jacobs showed up more than two hours late for his September New York fashion show, and a handful of people were annoyed, and so now Marc has apparently thought up a solution: taking an earlier slot…
  • »12/06/07 11:30am12/06/07 11:30am


Lindsay's New Guy: Already Spoken For (Surprise, Surprise!)

  • Lindsay Lohan's new guy was engaged... until his fiancée, Bree, found out he was dating Lindsay by seeing the tabloid pictures. It's like, hey, will you marry me? Unless I meet a movie star in rehab? [Gatecrasher]
  • Ellen may have cried on TV over the dog she gave away, but behind the scenes her publicist is leaving…
  • »10/17/07 9:00am10/17/07 9:00am