Old Man, Little Boy Give Equally Bad Dating Advice

The Early Show got advice this morning from two dating book authors: that 10-year-old boy who knows nothing about dating and an 82-year-old man who won't stop talking about pushing people off cliffs! » 7/29/09 3:00pm 7/29/09 3:00pm

How To Talk To Girls Movie: Now More Agonizing Than Previously…

Everyone's favorite professionally precocious child-love-doctor, Alec Greven, and everyone's favorite self-serving, Emmy-winning comedy-writer are teaming up to share their combined life wisdom in a rom-com sure to involve man-children learning valuable life lessons from adorable smart-asses! Can we get an "oy vey?" » 6/02/09 2:40pm 6/02/09 2:40pm

Precocious Youngsters: Should Kids Just Be Kids?

It's hard not to admire eight-year-old anti-genocide speaker Freya Slocumb. But there seems to be a spate of young kids in the public eye lately, and it may not be entirely good. » 4/27/09 4:20pm 4/27/09 4:20pm

Kids Say The Darndest Things

We're kind of over How to Talk to Girls, the precocious dating guide by nine-year-old schmooze Alec Greven. Apparently, so is Bill Cosby, who, on Leno, takes exception to the kid's dissing on class clowns. » 2/13/09 5:00pm 2/13/09 5:00pm

9-Year-Old's Movie Finds A Producer

The movie How to Talk to Girls, based on the book by 9-year-old Alec Greven, has been picked up by producer Shawn Levy. Levy said his "intention is to make a warmhearted comedy." [Variety] » 1/23/09 11:40am 1/23/09 11:40am

9-Year-Old Dating Advisor's Book Optioned For The Big Screen

Are you a struggling, out of work writer? Perhaps you'd have more luck selling that screenplay if you were an adorable 9-year-old boy dishing out dating advice. That's right, Twentieth Century Fox has optioned How To Talk To Girls, the playground-researched tome by pre-tween Alec Greven. » 12/09/08 9:30am 12/09/08 9:30am

9-Year-Old Dating Expert Not Exactly A Ladies Man

Precocious 9-year-old Alec Greven, who penned the book How To Talk To Girls, was on the Today show this morning, and Meredith Vieira asked him about his subject matter. "I studied, kind of," he said. "I observed at recess." Alec, who is ridiculously articulate and pretty damn cute, says that boys shouldn't try and… » 12/04/08 11:00am 12/04/08 11:00am

Dating Advice From 3rd Graders: The Girl's Guide

As we mentioned earlier today, a nine-year-old boy, Alec Greven, has written a sweet-natured junior version of The Game, which he's titled How To Talk To Girls. Which, quite obviously, calls for a companion volume for little girls, How To Talk To Boys. » 12/02/08 4:00pm 12/02/08 4:00pm

The Book Of Love

If a man like Mystery can make a living off of telling nerdy men how to score with chicks, why can't a 9-year-old boy write a dating book? Alec Greven recently published a book with HarperCollins called How to Talk to Girls that is full of plain-spoken, common sense tips to help boys with their dating woes. Some of… » 12/02/08 9:40am 12/02/08 9:40am