Caroline May Be The Only One Who Doesn't Want Hillary's Senate Seat

  • The race for who will ultimately lose to New York Governor David Paterson's desire to appoint state Attorney General Andrew "Shucking And Jiving Is Not A Racist Phrase" Cuomo to Hillary Clinton's Senate seat is on! Bill Clinton, Nita Lowey and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are out, Caroline Kennedy might be in. [CNN, The…
  • »12/02/08 6:40pm12/02/08 6:40pm

Speculative Cabinetry Redux: Clinton, Geithner and Richardson To Come On Board

  • The word is, again, that Hillary Clinton has been offered and will accept the Secretary of State job. It might not happen until after Thanksgiving, officially, though, because Obama announced he's rolling out the economic team first on Monday. [NY Times]
  • Some people are a little concerned about who else she might…
  • »11/21/08 7:30pm11/21/08 7:30pm

Prop 8 Challenge Moves Forward, Other People Screwed For Once

A.G. Mukasey Rights One Of Many Wrongs Done To Victim Of FGM

Attorney General Michael Mukasey, after getting pressure from Congress, has reversed a decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals »9/23/08 1:30pm9/23/08 1:30pm that would have sent an unnamed 28-year-old asylum-seeker back to to her home country of Mali. The woman was seeking asylum based on the fact that her tribe, the Bambara, would and any…

Attorney General Gonzales Resigns; Probably There Is A 'Sweet Valley High' Lesson In There Somewhere

Alberto Gonzales "resigned" after forcing "resignations" out of a bunch of US attorneys who weren't as pathologically loyal to Bush as he was and then suffering a lot of amnesia about how that all came about. What's most remarkable about this is that without being a spooky hatemongering Bible-thumping ideologue, this… »8/27/07 10:15am8/27/07 10:15am