Gisele Bundchen Tops High-Earning Models List, Again

Wardrobe-Gate Updates, Actual Important Stuff Compete For Eyeballs

  • Were you — like Glamour editor Cindi Leive wondering how Sarah Palin managed to spend so much money on her wardrobe? By the way, the suit she wore at the debate was Tahari, one of my favorite affordable suit makers. [New York Times]
  • Well, it turns out that she might not have really ended up with all $150,000 of it, as…
  • »10/23/08 6:30pm10/23/08 6:30pm

Erin Burnett, Peggy Noonan Bear Witness To The Collapse Of The Economy... And McCain

Another Friday, another week in which our country tumbles into financial ruin, the Presidential race tumbles further into the gutter and some Americans tumble further into an ugly, inexplicable, terrifying who better to try and soothe me with assertions about how it all doesn't matter because we're just… »10/10/08 10:30am10/10/08 10:30am

Why Women Today Should Like It When Their Friends Bone Their Exes

The Barbara Walters memoir releaseathon is reminding us of something we'll pretend we knew before, since it's exactly the sort of frivolous miscellany our brains would absorb for a few weeks before trying in vain to replace it with the name of the Burmese military dictator: Barbara Walters used to bone Alan Greenspan. »5/06/08 12:00pm5/06/08 12:00pm

Sally Field, Alan Greenspan Weigh In On War, Politics. Who's More Right?

One short weekend, two more high-level protestations from former centrists against the Bush Administration and politics in general. First came former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, who is basically every dude's last remaining excuse for voting Republican, whose new memoir in bookstores today excoriates the… »9/17/07 9:30am9/17/07 9:30am